Kate O'Kami

Avenues of Expression is an umbrella organization for Kate O'Kami's digital painting, puppetry, storytelling and writing. In her formative years, she earned a Bachelor of Music Degree; later completing an Associates Degree in Art and Theatre and a Master of Arts Degree in Contemplative Psychology. After completing her master's degree, she decided to create her place in the world and to focus on her creative endeavors.

Over a span of two decades, Kate took classes and experimented with various fine art media, obtaining an Associate Decree in Art and Theatre in the mid-90s. She has been painting, creating and showing her digital fine art since 1999, calling her exhibits, A Graphic Metamorphosis.

Under MonkeyShine Puppets, Kate creates, constructs, produces and performs puppet shows for children and elders; additionally, she holds puppetry workshops for adults and puppet camps for children; and performs storytelling for all ages. A member of the Mile High Puppet Guild and of the Puppeteers of America since 1999.

In the fall of 2002, Kate joined the Denver Spellbinders (volunteers who tell stories in the Public Schools) and has been a professional storyteller since 1999, creating stories for people of different beliefs and telling stories to children of all ages.

Should you have any comments regarding the site, please do not hesitate to contact Kate at aveofexp@mindspring.com.



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