Denver Evergreen Storyteller and Puppeteer
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Denver Evergreen Storyteller and Puppeteer

About Kate O'Kami, Storyteller and Puppeteer

Kate O'Kami, Storyteller and Puppeteer, delights in telling stories to audiences of all ages AND loves performing with her Limberjacks and Scarf Puppets.

Kate is a member of the Puppeteers of America and the Mile High Puppet Guild. She joined the Denver Spellbinders in the fall of 2002 and retired in 2005.

In 2009, Kate found the love of her life! Performing with Limberjack Puppets! (Limberjacks are wooden rod puppets which "dance" on a paddle. In this country, Limberjacks basically originated in the Appalachian Mountains and are usually performed with Blue Grass music. However, Kate's Limberjacks also like to dance to Swing, Disco, and Rock tunes.)

Kate tells folk tales and her own created stories. Her created stories have a modicum of truth lined with a touch of fabrication!

In the last three years, Kate spearheaded the making of 150 hand puppets, with members from the Mile High Puppet Guild and other friends. These puppets were donated for reading programs to two schools in the Denver metropolitan area, and to one school in New Orleans (in the aftermath of Katrina).

Donation Puppets
Donation Puppets
Kate O'Kami Puppeteer and Storyteller in Evergreen and Denver Colorado Donation Puppets
Donation Puppets

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